Interviewing techniques

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Megan Marie Joyce
Northwestern University Class of 2014

This week at Media Teens, the mentors continued to work with the high school students on their “My Philosophy” assignments. We set up two rooms with a studio light and a plain background where they could sit and be filmed for their on-camera part of the project. We had two cameras filming (one focused on their face, the other on just their eyes) as the interview was conducted, because that is how the set-up was for the Jay-Z episode of “Master Class” that we watched last week. This way, they have different kinds of shots of the interview they can use when editing. The students had paired up the previous week, so that their partner could ask them questions during the interview. The teens were then all able to sit on camera and have their interviews filmed, as they answered the questions they came up with last week. They practiced looking at the person who was interviewing them while talking, rather than at the camera. Also during the week, the teens had filmed b roll for their projects and will continue to do so this week. Towards the end of the session, we had an interviewing workshop for them, where the mentors sat at the front of the room and let he teens practice coming up with good interview questions by having them interview the mentors. The stronger the question that was posed, the stronger the answers were. Addtionally, we talked to them about the importance of coming up with open-ended and follow up questions.


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